Terms & Conditions

These General Terms & Conditions together with the Registration Form signed by you, when you arrive in our hotel with its Special Terms as well as our Privacy Policy constitute the entire agreement between our hotel company (hereinafter the “Hotel” or “us”) and our customers (hereinafter “Customer/s”, “Guest/s” or “you”). These General Terms & Conditions are published in our official website. When you sign the Registration Form upon arrival to our hotels, you automatically agree and accept all provisions of the Agreement as valid and binding for you and your guests that will stay in our hotel.


Blue Sea Resort Collection with hotels in  Rhodes, Symi or any other place we may have presence in the future. Our Hotel is part of Blue Sea Resort Collection.

Hotel (or “us” or “we”): is the hotel company and the hotel establishment, where you will be provided with accommodation services and other related facilities according to the Agreement.

Customer: is the person who orders services from Blue Sea Resort Collection and the Hotel and who signs the Registration Form, when arriving at the Hotel.

Guests (or “you”): is the Customer and the other persons who will stay in the ordered by the Customer room or rooms of our Hotel.

Agreement: is the agreement between the Hotel on one hand and the Customer and the Guests on the other for the provision of accommodation and all other related services and facilities provided during your stay in the Hotel, excluding third party services. The Agreement includes these General Terms and Conditions, the Registration Form with its Special Terms and the Privacy Statement as well as the Privacy Policy.

Third Parties: are independent companies and contractors that are allowed by Blue Sea Resorts to provide independently services, called Third Party Services, to our Guests.

Third Party Services: are services provided by Third Parties, such as indicatively excursions, tours, vehicle leasing, taxi or transportation services, sports, ski and other water sports as well as any other services billed directly by the Third Party or indirectly by the Hotel and provided by an independent company or person, who is not an employee of the Hotel. 

Booking Agents: are tour operators, travel agents as well as any third party that, either directly or through an internet platform or any other type of internet means, telephone or other, arranges for a booking in Blue Sea Resorts, so as for you to be able to receive accommodation services by us. 

Booking Confirmation: is the acceptance by the Hotel of the Customer’s booking request, which includes pricing, rates, arrival and departure dates, number of guests, number of rooms and all other facilities provided to the Customer and the Guests that will accompany him or her.

Registration Form: the document singed by the Customer at check in and send to the Customer’s email by electronic means.


Blue Sea Resorts and the Hotel provide services as articulated in our official website and these General Terms and Conditions, such as accommodation services. During their stay our Guests are able to use a variety of facilities and services, either ours or provided by Third Parties, as well as our food and beverages services, which are all articulated in our website and the Booking Confirmation. Except as expressly mentioned in our official website, the Agreement and the Booking Confirmation, no other services or facilities are provided by the Hotel to the Customers and Guests.


3.1. Anyone can make a booking, either directly with Blue Sea Resorts, through our website or any other procedure adopted by Blue Sea Resort Collection for this reason or through Booking Agents. In case that the Customer makes a booking through a Booking Agent, Blue Sea Resort Collection and the Hotel shall not be responsible or liable for services that such Booking Agent promised, if such services are not included in the official web site of Blue Sea Resorts or for terms and rates that such Booking Agent did not have the authorization to provide to you.

3.2. In order to make a booking in Blue Sea Resort Collection you need to be over 18 years old of age. In case you are under this age, your parents can make a booking on your behalf, in which case your parents or someone over 18 needs to accompany you during your stay in our Hotel. In any event, in case of booking by using a valid credit or debit card, the owner of such card needs to be present with you.

3.3. Customer is responsible to provide his personal data, as requested during the booking process, which shall be true and accurate and as imprinted in the Customer’s identification card or passport. In addition, Customer is obliged to keep his contact details updated, as necessary, in order to be able to provide our services and execute this Agreement. The Hotel will not have any liability to make notifications to the Customer relating to this Agreement, if the Customer’s contact details are false, misleading or outdated and the Customer is not possible to be reached, in which case it is hereby agreed by the Customer that he or she waives his or her right for notifications. 

3.4. It is not possible to book a specific room in any hotel, except if this is explicitly stipulated in the Booking Confirmation. The Customer is able to book a specific type of room from a list of types of rooms found in Blue Sea Resort Collection official website.

3.5. Your booking request is reviewed and if approved, Blue Sea Resort Collection will send you a Booking Confirmation. In case you make a booking through a Booking Agent) you will receive a booking voucher. A valid booking voucher that is within the agreement that Blue Sea Resort Collection have with such Booking Agent, shall be considered as an equal to a Booking Confirmation. Blue Sea Resort Collection will not be obligated to provide accommodation services to you, if you have not received a Booking Confirmation.


4.1. You may pay for your stay in Blue Sea Resorts with all available methods, such as cash, credit card, e-banking, money transfer or any other method to be accepted by us in the future. Out payment policy is the following:

For Non Refundable Rates, upon reservation, the full amount will be charged on your credit card, which will be non-refundable in case of cancellation, modification or non-show.

Our payment policy is presented in our website and will, also, be provided during the booking procedure relating to your specific order submitted through our web tools and platform or Booking Agents or their platforms. A specific payment policy may be provided in the Customer’s Booking Confirmation. 

4.2. In order to provide you with special offers or discounts, we may request that you pay in advance part or the whole amount of the billable charges for your booking. In such case, we may not provide you with a Booking Confirmation, if you have not paid this amount within the timeframe provided.

4.3. In case you pay through a credit card the Hotel has the right to request at your arrival that you show your credit card in the front desk. If you deny showing your credit card or if the name written in the credit card is not the same as the Customer’s, then the Hotel can immediately cancel the Booking Confirmation and refuse to provide to you and your Guests accommodation services. In such case, you may pay cash and the Hotel will not cancel your Booking Confirmation. In case the name in the credit card is different than the Customer’s and the credit card owner is present and willing to become the Customer, then the Hotel will provide accommodation services as long as the credit card owner signs the Registration Form.

4.4. In order to provide a Booking Confirmation, Blue Sea Resort Collection will usually request that a deposit is paid in the Hotel’s account or charged in your credit card on behalf of the Hotel. If your booking is made through a Booking Agent, such deposit will be included in such Booking Agent’s billing voucher. In case you are not present in the Hotel at the arrival date mentioned in the Booking Confirmation and you do not use our accommodation services or you do not inform us accordingly, then the Hotel will keep the aforementioned deposits as reimbursement and be free to offer the room or rooms kept for the Customer to any third party. 

4.5. Our cancelation policy is the following:

For Non Refundable Rates, no free cancellation is allowed for these rates. If the booking is cancelled or modified or in case of non-show of the Customer and his or her Guests, an amount equal to the 100% of the booking rates will be charged as cancellation fees.

Our cancelation policy is, also, provided in our website, as well as during the booking process, relating to your specific order, either through our booking tools and platform or through the platforms of Booking Agents. The specific cancellation policy for your approved products and services is included in the Customer’s Booking Confirmation.

4.6. In case you want to change your booking or your arrival and departure dates (check in & check out), you must send your request to the Hotel. The Hotel is not obliged to accept such request and this will depend on the Hotel’s availability, the dates you initially booked and other factors. In addition, this may entail extra charges, which will be communicated to you. In case the Hotel accepts your request and you approve any additional charges that may apply, you will receive an updated Booking Confirmation. Only an updated Booking Confirmation shall be considered as valid approval of a change of booking or a change in arrival and departure dates on behalf of the Hotel. 

4.7. The Customer is obliged to pay the Overnight Stay Tax that is imposed by the Greek Government. The Overnight Stay Tax will be payable by guests when checking in and is based on the official rating of the accommodation, as follows:

5 Star Hotels: 10.00€ per room per night

4 Star Hotels: 7.00€ per room per night

3 Star Hotels: 3.00€ per room per night

1-2 Star Hotels: 1.50€ per room per night

Payment can be made by cash or credit card.

4.8. Any other charges for additional services provided during the Guest’s stay will be either paid immediately or debited to each room’s account. The Customer shall settle in full the accounts of all rooms booked by him before departure. The Hotel shall provide the Customer with the relevant invoice that will indicate the respective charges in detail.


5.1. Check in & check out hours are mentioned in our website and the Booking Confirmation. In case, there is no relevant mention in such documents, then Customers and Guests can check in at or after 14:00 and shall check out by 12:00.

5.2. The Hotel is not obliged to provide accommodation to the Customer and the Guests before 14:00 (early check in). The Customer may agree with the Hotel otherwise, in which case an additional charge may apply. If the Customer accepts such charge, then the Hotel will send an amended Booking Confirmation. Any derogation from the aforementioned check in & check out hours can only be binding upon the Hotel a) if it is stipulated in the Booking Confirmation or b) if such change is requested during the Guests stay, only when the Hotel manager has provided his approval and the Customer has paid the relevant additional charge. 

5.3. In case the Customer and his or her Guests do not depart from the room or rooms booked by 12:00 at the date of departure (late check out), the Hotel will have the right to impose an extra charge, depending on the time the Customer and his or her Guests actually departed from the room or rooms. If the room is evacuated by the Customer and his or her Guests before 18:00 of the same date, then the Customer will be obliged to pay an amount equal to the 50% of the rate of that room for this date. If the room is evacuated by the Customer and his or her Guests after 18:00 of the same date, then the Customer will be obliged to pay an amount equal to the 100% of the rate of that room for this date.


In case you lose any items, valuables or property during your stay in our Hotel, you should immediately inform the front desk of the Hotel. For our Guests convenience we keep all lost items, valuables or property found for a period of one (1) month, after the date our personnel found them. In case we find any items and valuables, we have no obligation to contact our Guests, in order to inform them accordingly. If we are not notified by our Guests that they have lost specific items, valuables or property within one (1) month from their departure (check out date), our Hotel will not have any obligation to return them, since it is our policy to dispose any such lost items, valuables and property that are found in our Hotel after one (1) month. In case of any return of lost items, valuables and property to you, the postage or courier costs will be born by you. 


The Hotel is not responsible for any stolen valuables, items or other property of our Guests. It is your obligation to protect your property and keep your valuables safe. We encourage our Guests to lock their rooms at all times that they are not present. In order to facilitate you, we, also, provide a safe deposit box in every room of our Hotel. Our Guests shall immediately inform the front desk of the Hotel, in case of stolen goods, property or valuables, so as to notify the police as early as possible.


Our Guests are responsible for any damage caused to the Hotel room or any furniture and equipment therein as well as the hotel establishment due to any act or omission attributable to them or their invitees. In such case, the Customer shall be jointly liable with his or her Guests and invitees. If such damage is detected after the Guests have departed, our Hotel reserves the right to make a charge to the Customer’s credit or debit card, in which case, our Hotel reserves the right to charge the Customer with the cost of replacing any items that were damaged or removed without consent from the Hotel by the Customer, his or her Guests or invitees. The charge will be the full replacement amount of the missing or damaged item, furniture or equipment.


9.1. The Hotel is responsible to provide the accommodation services to its Guests as provided for in its website and the Booking Confirmation, diligently and professionally, showing the appropriate responsibility expected from any quality hotel around the world. The Hotel has in place a strict and high quality health & security policy, particularly with regard to its food and beverages provided in the Hotel. Blue Sea Resort Collection comply with all mandatory provisions of health and safety regulations and legislation in Greece. In addition, we adopt all appropriate standards and acquire certifications for health and safety, so as for our Guests to feel at all times secure and comfortable in our hotels and enjoy high standards of services. 

9.2. Blue Sea Resort Collection collaborate with external hospitals and doctor services. In case of injury, illness or any need for medical care or assistance, our Guests shall immediately inform the front desk of the Hotel, in order to request assistance by our external collaborators. The Hotel is not responsible for external hospital’s and doctor’s services or charges, which latter shall be paid by our Guests directly to them and are not included in our charges.


10.1. Guests shall behave properly, be decent and use good manners during their stay in Blue Sea Resort Collection. In order to respect the right of all guests of Blue Sea Resort Collection to be able to make proper use of all facilities of the hotels, our Guests are required to follow dress codes when using certain facilities of the Hotel, such as restaurants, in which case the Hotel’s employees may deny access to Guests that do not comply with such codes. Guests shall not behave inappropriately, make noises that annoy other guests or do any harm or inflict any injury to or insult third parties, indicatively Hotel employees or other guests of the Hotel. The Hotel may deny access to its facilities, rooms or establishment to Guests that do not comply with the aforementioned rules as well as appropriate hygiene standards or have consumed much alcohol that leads to inappropriate behavior. In case of death, injury or other damage thereof attributable to specific Guests, the Hotel may provide their data details to the police, in order to initiate relevant prosecution procedures and they will be responsible to indemnify and hold our Hotel harmless from and against any claims, actions or damages claimed by any third party or employee due to their actions.

10.2. In certain Blue Sea Resort Collection children under the age of 18 are not allowed. When you make your booking you will be informed accordingly. You may bring your children under the age of 18 with you only if they have been included in your Booking Confirmation. 

10.3. It is not allowed to bring pets or animals in our Hotels. In certain cases we may allow for service dogs or other derogations to this policy, as long as a relevant request has been made to the Hotel, has been approved by us and has been included in the Booking Confirmation. 

10.4. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Hotel, including all rooms, public areas, elevators, corridors, lounge, lobby, breakfast and restaurant areas. When in open spaces outside the Hotel or in balconies, Guests are advised to avoid smoking near other guests, in a manner that would disturb their stay and enjoying our facilities and services. 

10.5. Blue Sea Resort Collection do not provide parking for the Guests’ vehicles. In case the Hotel provides such parking facility, it is agreed and accepted upon that the Hotel will not be responsible for the safety of the Guests’ vehicles and that the Guest shall have in place relevant insurance, in order to cover damages to the vehicle, its destruction or theft.

10.6. You may consume foods and beverages included in the mini bar of your room, in which case your room will be charged with the price of each item consumed. A price lists for mini bar items can be found in your room as well as useful information about room service. For special requirements you may notify the room service or the front desk of the Hotel.

10.7. Guests are not allowed to bring their own food and beverages in the Hotel. In case of illness, poisoning, salmonella or other disease caused by the use of food and beverages you brought in the Hotel, you are responsible to immediately inform the front desk of the Hotel and keep the Hotel harmless from and against any claim by any third party for damages caused due to such diseases being transmitted to any other guests or employees of the Hotel. 

10.8. You are not allowed to sublet the room provided to you by our Hotel nor can you provide accommodation in such room to any third party. At your arrival you are obliged to declare the exact number of guests that will be staying in the rooms that you have booked. No additional guests are allowed, except if this has been approved by the manager of the Hotel, in which case an additional charge may be applicable. 

10.9. In case a Guest has a physical or mental disability the Customer has to inform the Hotel before Booking Confirmation or at least fourteen (14) business days before check in. If the Hotel is not informed that a Guest has a physical disability, then the Hotel shall have no liability towards the Customer or such Guest for the latter not being able to use the Hotel facilities or use properly the Hotel services in whole or in part and the Customer will still have to pay the full amount of the fees applicable for his or her booking. For Guests with mental disabilities it is required that they are accompanied by a professional medical assistant or doctor that will be able to provide the necessary treatment, if required, otherwise the Hotel may cancel the Booking Confirmation for such Guest, with no obligation to return the deposit. 

10.10. In case the Hotel provides wi-fi services, you are obliged to comply with the wi-fi appropriate usage policy, provided to you electronically during their activation. Indicatively, you may not use such services for unlawful or fraudulent acts, for defamation, insults to third parties, infringement of intellectual property rights or proceed in any other act that will lead to denial of service. In addition, Guests are obliged to respect privacy and comply with all applicable legislation, regulations and guidelines for the protection of personal data during the use of such wi-fi services. The Hotel may temporarily or permanently suspend the provision of wi-fi services to Guests that do not comply with their legal obligations or the Hotel’s wi-fi appropriate usage policy, without any further notification. In this case, the Guest shall refer to the front desk of the Hotel and the wi-fi services can be restored with the prior approval of the manager of the Hotel. The Hotel may, also, temporarily suspend the provision of wi-fi services for maintenance, support of its systems or upgrades & upgrades thereof, in which case the Hotel can not be held liable against its Guests for the unavailability of wi-fi services for any reason whatsoever, since you understand and acknowledge that this constitutes a legal and valid reason for the unavailability of wi-fi services for a limited duration. 

10.11. In case you have a complaint, you are encouraged to bring this to the attention of the manager of the Hotel or the front desk during your stay there. Otherwise, it is possible that the Hotel may not be able to examine your complaint, if it is submitted after your departure. In any event, the Hotel is not obliged to review or answer to any complaint that is submitted more than six (6) months after the Guest has checked out, in which case you waive your rights to submit such complaint to any competed administrative authority or Court.


The Hotel may cancel any Booking Confirmation or any booking whatsoever at any time and at no cost or reimbursement owed to the Customer or its Guests. Indicatively, the Hotel may cancel any booking in case:

11.1 The Customer has provided false or misleading information regarding his or her personal identification data and contact details;

11.2 The Customer or his or her Guests infringe any provision of this Agreement, which are all considered material;

11.3 The Hotel has reasonable grounds to assume that the use of accommodation services may endanger the hotel operation, the security or the image of the hotel in public without being attributed to the territory and/or organization of the hotel.

In all aforementioned cases the Hotel has the right on keep the deposit paid by the Customer as reimbursement.


Blue Sea Resort Collection collaborates with Booking Agents, in order to promote its accommodation services and increase the number of its hotel bookings. Nevertheless, Blue Sea Resort Collection and the Hotel are independent contractors and have no authority or control over them. In this context, we conclude agreements with such Booking Agents but we can not be bound by promises made by them that go beyond what is provided in our website or deviate significantly from our capabilities and rates. In this context, if such third parties promised products or services not provided in our official website or rates that have not been included in our agreements, then we may not be held liable for such misrepresentations or false promises made by Booking Agents. 


Blue Sea Resorts allow Third Parties to provide services to our Guests, such as indicatively activities, sports, ski or other water sports, excursions, tours, transportation and any other related services. Such Third Party Services are charged extra by these Third Parties, either directly or in certain cases they are charged by the Hotel on behalf of those Third Parties or through our internet platforms. Blue Sea Resorts have no control over such Third Parties, which are independent companies nor can we impose them specific policies and obligations. However, we encourage them to have in place valid insurance policies and adopt appropriate safety policies. Our Guests may use such Third Party Services on their own free will, choice and responsibility. Blue Sea Resorts and the Hotel shall not be held liable for any damage, injury or accident any Guest may incur by using such Third Party Services.   


We collect, use, share, store and process your personal data for many reasons, such as in accordance to Greek Law and Police directives, in order to be able to provide you accommodation and other services and collect charges. With your consent we may, also, collect, use, share, store and process your personal data pertaining to your preferences, choices, conduct, comments and recommendations, in order to provide you with improved and personalized services, as well as provide you with newsletters, marketing and other promotional material, featured specials, send relevant messages or carry out satisfaction & customer surveys. All relevant issues pertaining to our processing activities as well as your rights according to the applicable data protection legislation are articulated in further detail in our Privacy Policy and the Privacy Statement, attached as an Annex to the Registration Form. 


15.1. Except as specifically and explicitly provided in the Agreement, Blue Sea Resort Collection and the Hotel do not make and expressly disclaim any representations or warranties, whether express or implied, statutory or otherwise, including, without limitation, warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or any warranties arising out of the course of performance. 

15.2. The Hotel’s liability is set out and governed by the terms and conditions included in the Agreement. In any case, the Hotel shall under no circumstances be liable towards the Customer and the Guests for indirect, consequential, special, incidental, or punitive damages, including loss of income or opportunity. The Hotel’s liability under this Agreement shall be limited to the amounts actually paid by the Customer for accommodation services during their stay, when the relevant incident took place.

15.3. In case of proven harm, injury or damages incurred by any Guest due to the Hotel’s or it’s employees proven fraudulent, intentional or willful acts or due to their gross negligence, the Hotel may be found liable to reimburse the Guest thereof by competent courts. In such case, the Hotel’s liability may not exceed the amount of five thousand Euros (€ 5.000) as full compensation for any and all damages and harm incurred by such Guest.

15.4. In case of any complaint, damage or injury or any other type of claim against the Hotel, the Guest must inform the Hotel accordingly as soon as possible and in no event later than one (1) year after the Guest’s departure from the Hotel or the occurrence of such event that gave rise to the claim or complaint. After such period, it is acknowledged that the Hotel will have no liability towards its Guest and be released of any such liability and the Guest waives his or her right to make any claim or initiate any administrative or court proceeding against either the Hotel or Blue Sea Resorts in general.


16.1. A “Force Majeure Event” means war or terrorist activity (including cyber attack), riots, civil commotion, nuclear accident or act of God (including flood, storms, tampest, earthquakes or lightning), strikes, action taken by government, fire or serious explosion, malicious damage, diseases, a pandemic or any other situation out of the control of Blue Sea Resorts.

16.2. If the performance of any accommodation or other service by the Hotel is prevented or its obligations can not be performed by reason of any, or any combination, of the Force Majeure Events, the Hotel shall be entitled at its sole and exclusive choice to either cancel the Booking Confirmation and return the deposit to the Customer or provide the opportunity to the Customer to change the date of his or her booking at a later time, after the Hotel’s approval, provided, in both cases, that the Customer is notified within reasonable time of the occurrence and nature of the Force Majeure Event.

16.3. In addition, the Hotel may, at its sole and exclusive choice, either cancel the Booking Confirmation and return the deposit to the Customer or provide the opportunity to the Customer to change the date of his or her booking at a later time, after the Hotel’s approval, in the following cases:

The whole or a significant part of the Hotel establishment, where the booked rooms are situated shall undergo urgent or mandatory maintenance; or

There is a failure to supply the Hotel with gas, electricity, water or electronic communications that is outside of the Hotel’s control; or

In order to prevent or limit a pandemic or the spread of any other decease or any other health and safety threat.


17.1. The Customer and the Guests may not assign or transfer to any third party any rights or obligations under this Agreement or this Agreement or the Booking Confirmation, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of the Hotel.

17.2. No waiver by Blue Sea Resort Collection of any breach of any provision of this Agreement will constitute a waiver of any other breach of that or any other provision of this Agreement. Except as otherwise set forth in this Agreement, no failure to exercise, or delay in exercising, any rights, remedy, power, or privilege arising from this Agreement by Blue Sea Resort Collection or the Hotel will operate or be construed as a waiver thereof; nor shall any single or partial exercise of any right, remedy, power, or privilege hereunder by Blue Sea Resort Collection or the Hotel shall preclude any other or further exercise thereof or the exercise of any other right, remedy, power, or privilege of Blue Sea Resort Collection or the Hotel.

17.3. In the event that any of the provisions of these General Terms & Conditions are held to be unenforceable, invalid or illegal, the remaining provisions of these General Terms & Conditions will remain in full force and effect and Blue Sea Resorts will have to amend such unenforceable, invalid or illegal provisions, so as to be valid, legal and enforceable.

17.4. No amendment to or modification of or rescission, termination, or discharge of this Agreement is effective, unless it is in writing and approved by the Hotel or Blue Sea Resort Collection. We may modify these General Terms & Conditions from time to time. If we do so, we will post the revised version here and change the “Last Updated Version” date (the date it applies from) at the end of this document. Consequently, we recommend that you consult them as published in our official web site and regularly, particularly when making a reservation at one of our hotels.

17.5. This Agreement shall be governed by, interpreted and construed in accordance with the Laws of Greece, without regard to any conflicts of laws provisions or principles. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Agreement, its interpretation, execution or validity, is hereby submitted to the sole and exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts of Rhodes – Greece.

Terms Of Use

Terms of use

These terms of use (hereinafter referred to as “Terms of Use” together with our Privacy Policy and our Cookies Policy constitute the entire agreement and the terms and conditions that apply when you visit and make use of our website under the domain https://www.bluesearesorts.gr/ (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”). Your access to and use of the Site is subject to these Terms of Use and all applicable laws and regulations. Please read these Terms of Use carefully before you start to use this Site. By using our Site, you indicate that you accept these Terms of Use and that you agree to abide by them. If you do not agree with these Terms of Use, please refrain from using our Site.


This Site is operated by Diakomichalis SA & KRONOS SA that uses the trade name “Blue Sea Resorts”, all incorporated in Greece (Blue Sea Resorts).

All references to ‘our’, ‘us’ or ‘we’, in these Terms of Use are deemed to refer to Blue Sea Resorts. All references to “you”, “users” or our “Customers” are deemed to include any internet user that visits, serfs and / or uses our Site or our services through our Site as well as for any other purpose mentioned herein. 



1.1 Access to our Site is permitted on a temporary basis, and we reserve the right to withdraw or amend the services we provide on our Site without notice as herein provided. We will not be liable if for any reason our Site is unavailable at any time or for any period or reason whatsoever.


1.2 From time to time we may restrict access to some parts of our Site or our entire Site to users. If the need arises, we may suspend access to our Site or discontinue its operation indefinitely.


1.3 If you choose, or you are provided with, a user identification code, password or any other piece of information as part of our security procedures, you must treat such information as confidential, and you must not disclose it to any third party. We have the right to disable any user identification code or password, whether chosen by you or allocated by us, at any time, if in our opinion you have failed to comply with any of the provisions of these Terms of Use.


1.4 You are responsible for making all arrangements necessary for you to have access to our Site. You are also responsible for ensuring that all persons who access our Site through your internet connection are made aware of these Terms of Use and comply with them.


1.5 In order to be able to use this Site or order any products or services therein you must be over 18 years old. In case you do not meet this requirement, we have the right to deny access to our Site, terminate any account you may have created and cancel any reservation, booking or other order you may have placed through our Site, without prejudice to any other of our rights in law.



2.1 Blue Sea Resorts promote their products and services and may provide services through this Site. In this context, you may make reservations or bookings for Blue Sea Resorts accommodation services. Any and all issues pertaining to bookings and reservations as well as our payment and cancellation policies are included in our General Terms & Conditions (found in www.bluesearesorts.gr) You are advised to read them carefully before making any booking or reservation in our hotels. In any case, Blue Sea Resorts are not bound by any offer or publication in our Site or any fees, price table and offer. Any order, booking or reservation will only be valid for our Customers, if a relevant Booking Confirmation is received by the Customer according to our General Terms & Conditions.


2.2 All prices on our Site are in Euros. If you make an order, booking or reservation from outside Greece or from a Country other than a European Union Member State that has adopted as its official currency the Euro, you should consult with your bank in advance, since in certain cases banks and / or credit card companies may charge additional fees for conversion or other reasons.


2.3 In case you use this Site for the purpose of ordering products or services, you undertake and warrant that:


  1. a) You are over 18 years old;
  2. b) You have the right and legal authority to be bound by your order, booking or reservation and in any event to make any transaction with us;
  3. c) In case you place orders or make reservations or bookings on behalf of third parties, you have the necessary representation rights and privileges according to applicable law and that you will inform that third person about the applicable provisions, terms and conditions mentioned herein;
  4. d) All information supplied by you on this Site are true, accurate, current and complete; and
  5. e) You will not make any misleading or fraudulent booking, reservation or order and you will refrain from any action that could lead to damages for either Blue Sea Resorts or their customers and partners.




3.1 We may allow third parties to provide their products and services through this Site or to connect their ordering platforms with this Site, in order to sell such products or services to our Customers. We encourage such third parties to acquire valid insurance policies and comply with market standards and other health and safety regulations. However, we have no control over such third parties and it is not possible for us to know their policies, standards and terms of use. For this reason, when you order products or services of such third parties through our Site, you are advised to read carefully their terms and conditions and be informed about the health and security standards adopted by such third parties. In all cases, when you place an order for products or services of such third parties through our Site, you do so on your own free will, choice, responsibility and risk; we have no obligation for the sale of products or the execution of services of such third parties, we may not be held liable for any damage, injury or accident you may incur by using such third party services nor can we assume any liability thereof.


3.2 By purchasing online through our Site any product or service provided by a third party you agree to abide to their applicable terms and conditions, including but not limited to their payment and cancellation policies, any availability or other restrictions they may have in place as well as their limitation of liability and indemnification provisions.



4.1 We have the right to forbid and/or interrupt the transmission of the Site (or the operation of several of its services) to any user, as long as we believe, according to our reasonable judgment, that this access may jeopardize us, our network or systems and / or the user and / or any third party, as well as that the user has violated these Terms of Use and / or the applicable Law.


4.2 We reserve the right to suspend the operation of the Site (or the operation of several of its services) because of update or upgrade works, software improvements or improvement of its security functions. In this case, the Site will not be accessible by the users.



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5.3 You are hereby permitted to use the Site as follows:


  1. a) You may print off one copy, and may download extracts, of any page(s) from our Site for your personal reference and you may draw the attention of others within your organisation to materials posted on our Site.
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  6. f) As a condition for your access to and use of this Site, you warrant to us that you will not use this Site for any purpose that is prohibited by these Terms of Use or in a manner that could constitute or encourage conduct that would be considered a criminal offence, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any law and that you will not use this Site, in order to post or transmit any infringing, threatening, false, misleading, abusive, harassing, libelous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, scandalous, inflammatory, pornographic, or profane material. We will fully cooperate with any law enforcement authorities and comply with any Court Order requesting or directing us to disclose the identity of anyone posting or transmitting any such information or materials. You should, also, inform us as soon as you become aware of any unlawful or prohibited use of this Site by any third party.



6.1 Commentary and other materials posted on our Site are not intended to amount to advice on which reliance should be placed. We therefore disclaim all liability and responsibility arising from any reliance placed on such materials by any visitor to our Site or by anyone who may be informed of any of its contents.


6.2 Our Site may include promotional material or publications of third parties. We do not control such third parties nor can we assume any liability for such third party’ promotions, their accuracy, truth or inability to comply with relevant legal or administrative provisions and obligations.


6.3 We make every effort, so as for our products and services descriptions made in the Site to be current and accurate. However, we do not make any representation or provide any warranty that descriptions of products and services in our Site are and will be accurate, complete, current or reliable. Particularly, in case of typographical errors or omissions or other technical inaccuracies concerning the information displayed in our Site, including but not limited to rates, fees, prices, availability or any other commercial or business issue, we reserve our right to make changes, amendments, corrections or improvements thereof at any time and without any notice.



7.1 The material displayed on our Site is provided without any guarantees, conditions or warranties as to its accuracy. To the extent permitted by law, we and third parties connected to us hereby expressly exclude:


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7.2 The content, products, services and materials published in our Site or provided through our Site are provided “as is” and on an “as available” basis, without any representation or warranty of any kind, either express, implied or statutory. We do not make any representations, warranties or endorsements regarding the accuracy, reliability, usefulness or completeness of the services, content and materials in our Site or any site linked to it. To the maximum extent permissible pursuant to applicable Law, we disclaim all warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to, warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, non-infringement, design accuracy, capability, sufficiency, suitability, capacity, completeness, availability or compatibility.


7.3 In no event shall we be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special or consequential damages arising out of or in any way connected with your access to our Site, display of any material or use of any services in our Site or with the delay or inability to access, display or use of the services, including, but not limited to, your reliance upon opinions appearing on the Site or the Services or otherwise arising out of your use of the Site and its operation, whether based on a theory of negligence, contract, tort, strict liability, consumer protection statutes, or otherwise and even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages. If, despite this limitation, we are found liable by a competent Court or administrative authority for any loss or damage which arises out of or in any way connected with any of the occurrences described above, then our liability will in no event exceed, in the aggregate, the amount of One-Hundred Euros (EU € 100.00) or the equivalent in local currency.


7.4 We may not keep logues and data relating to the operation of our Site for a long time. This is why, you hereby waive any and all rights to bring any claim or action related to such matters in any forum beyond one (1) year after the first occurrence of the kind of act, event, condition or omission upon which the claim or action is based.



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9.2 Any material you upload to our Site will be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary, and we have the right to use, copy, distribute and disclose to third parties any such material for any purpose. We also have the right to disclose your identity to any third party who is claiming that any material posted or uploaded by you to our Site constitutes a violation of their intellectual property rights or of their right to privacy. In any event, by uploading any material to our Site, you automatically grant (or warrant that the owner of such materials expressly granted) us a perpetual, royalty-free, irrevocable, non-exclusive right and license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, publicly perform and display, create derivative works from and distribute such materials or incorporate such materials into any form, medium, or technology now known or later developed. In addition, you warrant that any “moral rights” in those materials have been waived.


9.3 We will not be responsible, or liable to any third party, for the content or accuracy of any materials posted by you or any other user on our Site.


9.4 We have the right to remove any material or posting you make on our Site if, in our opinion, such material does not comply with applicable Law, regulations or the content standards set by us or herein.



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10.2 We make reasonable efforts for the maintenance and the availability of the content of the Site. However, the users accept that we are entitled to change and / or interrupt temporarily or permanently all or part of the Site with or without prior notice to the users. We shall not bear any liability for any kind of damage (positive, negative, incidental, contractual or other) arising from the inability of accessing of the users to the Site, the interruption of all or parts of it, the delay, non-delivery, interruption or poor reception of service or loss of your content or the existence of any error. In any case, we reserve the right to interrupt at any time, temporarily or permanently, the operation of all or part of the Site for maintenance or upgrade or any other reason.


10.3 All content is subject to change and is provided to you “as is” without any warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of suitability, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or noninfringement. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, we neither warrant nor represent that your use of any content will not infringe the rights of any third parties nor that the content will be accurate, complete or up-to-date. We assume no responsibility for the failure of any of our services offered in this Site.



You may make use of this Site at your own risk. Neither we nor any of our officers or directors, agents or any other party involved in creating, producing, developing or delivering this Site are liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special, consequential or any other damages of any kind arising out of or in any way connected with the use of this Site or content thereof, whether based on contract, tort (including negligence), strict liability or otherwise, even if advised of the possibility of any such damages.



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12.2 By breaching this provision, you commit a criminal offence under applicable legislation. In such case, we will report any such breach or incident to the competent law enforcement authorities and we will co-operate with them by disclosing your identity to them. In the event of such a breach or incident, your right to use our Site will cease immediately.


12.3 We will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by a distributed denial-of-service attack, viruses or other technologically harmful material that may infect your computer equipment, computer programs, data or other proprietary material due to your use of our Site or to your downloading of any material posted on it or on any website linked to it.



13.1 You may link to our home page, provided you do so in a way that is fair and legal and does not damage our reputation or take advantage of it. However, you must not establish a link in such a way, so as to suggest any form of association, approval or endorsement on our part or create the impression that we are connected or partners in any way.


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13.4 If you wish to make any use of material on our Site other than that set out above, please address your request to [email protected]



14.1 Where our Site contains links to other sites and resources provided by third parties, these links are provided for your information only. We have no control over the contents of those sites or resources and accept no responsibility for them or for any loss or damage that may arise from your use of them.


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15.1 You may use our Site only for lawful purposes. You may not use our Site:


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  1. c) For the purpose of harming or attempting to harm minors in any way.


  1. d) To send, knowingly receive, upload, download, use or re-use any material which does not comply with our content standards and these Terms of Use.


  1. e) To transmit, or procure the sending of, any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising or promotional material or any other form of similar solicitation (spam).


  1. f) To knowingly transmit any data, send or upload any material that contains viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time-bombs, keystroke loggers, spyware, adware or any other harmful programs or similar computer code designed to adversely affect the operation of any computer software or hardware.


15.2 You also agree:


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  1. b) Not to access without authority, interfere with, damage or disrupt:


(i) any part of our Site;


(ii) any equipment or network on which our Site is stored;


(iii) any software used for the operation of our Site; or


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  1. c) To comply with applicable Law and regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation and any obligation thereof.



16.1 We will determine, in our discretion, whether your use and access to our Site has led to a breach of these Terms of Use. If a breach of these Terms of Use has occurred, we may take such action as we deem appropriate, including denying access to our Site and services, terminating your account and launching civil or criminal proceedings against you.


16.2 If you attempt or engage in fraudulent or inappropriate activities, including any action that would circumvent these Terms of Use or our policies, we reserve our rights to cancel or modify your bookings or reservations, terminate your account or seek legal redress.



The intellectual property rights or other rights in any software that is made available for download from the Site (“Software”) belong to us or our suppliers and licensors. In order to access some of the information on this Site, you may have to enter into licenses with third party software providers. Your ability to access that information may depend on whether you have entered into such licenses. Your use of the Software is governed by the terms of any license agreement that may accompany or be included with the Software. We take no responsibility for arranging any such licenses. Do not install or use any Software unless you agree to such license agreement. Where you download software from this Site, you do so at your own risk and responsibility.



We may revise these Terms of Use at any time and publish any amended ones in this page. If we do, we will post the revised version here and change the “Last Updated Version” date (the date it applies from) at the end of this document. You are advised and expected to check this page from time to time and regularly, in order to be informed of any changes we have made, since they will be binding on you. Some of the provisions contained in these Terms of Use may, also, be superseded by provisions or notices published elsewhere on our Site or in the revised Terms of Use.



If you have any concerns about material that appear on our Site, please contact [email protected]



20.1 If we decide to waive any breach of obligation arising under these Terms of Use, this should not be considered as a waiver for any other breach or any future breaches. All rights and remedies under these Terms of Use are cumulative and are not exclusive of any rights or remedies provided by Law or by any other agreement.


20.2 If any part of these Terms of Use is determined to be invalid or unenforceable pursuant to applicable Law including, but not limited to, the warranty disclaimers and liability limitations provided herein, then the invalid or unenforceable provision will be deemed superseded by a valid and enforceable provision that most closely matches the intent of the original provision and the remainder of the agreement shall continue in full force and effect.


20.3 These Terms of Use and your use of the Site are governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws of Greece, without regard to their choice of Law provisions. The courts of Rhodes Greece will have exclusive jurisdiction over any and all disputes arising out of, relating to or concerning these Terms of Use, their interpretation, effect and application and / or the Site or in which these Terms of Use and / or the Site are a material fact.

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